Emergency Union Rally at Capitol Hill

Chapter 296, along with NTEU National and other local chapters, is hosting a Rally at the Capitol to stand up and fight against the efforts going on in Congress to take our jobs and benefits away! Many of you participated in Chapter 296’s letter writing campaign to Congress to stop the Super Committee from making cuts in our jobs and pay, and we were successful.

However, the fight is not over and here is our chance to take it to the next level! Let’s show Congress that we are not going to sit by while they attack federal employees. Stand up and fight with your union!

Attached is the flyer announcing the NTEU Rally. It is scheduled to take place at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at noon (12:00 pm). The Chapter 296 Executive Board and stewards will be attending this rally and would like to get as many of our fellow employees to go with us as we can! The Capitol is walking distance from both of our DC offices. We would like everyone to go over together as a group, if possible. We will be providing lunches to everyone who attends!

We need to know how many people would be willing to commit (and I mean SERIOUSLY commit) to attending the Rally to determine the amount of lunches to provide, signs to make, and paraphernalia to have one hand. And we need this information soon. So, if you are pretty sure that you will be attending this Rally, then please RSVP me by e-mail and tell me that you will attend.

If possible, please get back to me before COB tomorrow (Thursday).

PS. This event is not covered by Union Official time. Hence, you will need to do this on your own time (either lunch time or annual leave or a combination of both). But if the current legislation in Congress where they are going after your raises, your salaries, your bonuses, and your jobs is not enough for you to give up a lunch and an hour of annual leave to tell them to stop, then we are truly up the creek with no paddle!

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